The E-Box is a multifunctionl modular enery-supply-system of components comprised of photovoltaics, photothermal energy, absorption systems, storage for electric energy as well as heating and cooling, interfaces between the modules. It is combined with IT-based controlling to satisfy customer needs concerning indoor climate, lighting, hot water and the control of household appliances by mobile telephone.

The over-all efficiency of the E-Box is markedly higher than that of the individual modules and the costs of each supplied customer-needs-criteria such as indoor climate, lighting, feed-in of equipment, control of household appliances or, for example, louvers are markedly lower than those incurred from conventional power plants.

The production of the individual modules and the interfaces, along with Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies for service and need-appropriate use by the customers, point the way forward toward a new world in energy supply and use.

And all this can be realized with reduced costs, enhanced supply quality, more energy autonomy, fewer hazardous contaminant emissions while at the same time fulfilling the goals of the Paris climate conference COP21.

Follow this link to see a scheme of the E-Box:

E-Box Technical Units