Business profile

Our globally spread and interconnected economy demands new approaches in business development or in capturing new markets.

This is especially valid for small and middle-sized businesses, which must manage everything from local production circumstances to participation in complex, global logistics networks.

Add to that the technological challenges that are to be mastered through the use of Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

We at, with our flexible network of experts in various fields, offer solutions as one of our core competencies to organize these complex processes in your business to effectively use the available resources and develop them together with you.

Through our cooperation with top global consultants and the “global players” among our customers together with our pledge of continuous improvement, we have reached a competitive edge of international stature.

The outstanding competence and contacts we have acquired through year-long work with the top staff from the UNO, the World Bank and the IMF in the area of several of their economic projects, will contribute to our concepts for regional economic development.

In the area of a new energy supply, our concept of the E-Box establishes a focal point for setting up regional economic structures.

The E-Box is a sustainable energy supply based on a new use of solar energy and new storage media.

It is adaptable not only for mobile units but also for setting up new networks and the integration into existing systems.

Industry 4.0 and IoT – technologies are applied in its set-up.

Important components were developed in cooperation with our Chinese partners, to supply China with smart, low-emission energy systems.

In the areas of coaching and training we utilize the findings of modern neuroscience, combined with classic psychotherapeutic methods, which we apply very successfully using expressly developed methods.

This also applies for our training methods, which we have very effectively used in German-speaking countries as well as in intercultural UNO training programs.